The Spiritual Journey of a Woman

The destruction of the beauty of women, their ability to love and give life has been a key component of everything which has been discussed in the previous chapters. I doubt if even faith inspires men to greater action than the love of a beautiful woman.  The constant onslaught against women in this society takes many forms.  It is clear in any of the ads we see on television, on the radio, in film, and in print.  All of it creates doubt and a reassurance that women will be what they want to be if they would only make this or that purchase.  The origins of this destruction of the sacred feminine lay squarely within the realm of monotheism and the big three Abrahamic faiths.  The Spanish Inquisition, the burning of witches, the dressing down of spouses and daughters, the horrible injustices of Islam against women are just the tip of the iceberg.  It is the result of men who have no confidence in themselves and dreadfully fear the pain women may cause in their hearts.  A pain which no God has the power to alleviate. Pain and fear empower a male ego to take actions which might secure a foothold against the awesome power that women possess.  It has resulted in the most grievous of sins. Particularly with regards to how a father should raise and care for his daughter.  What “faith” would ask a man to marry off the innocence of his 9-year-old daughter?  What fear would drive an entire faith to brutally remove from a young girl the future center of her pleasure zone? All she knows in that moment is that these women who are supposed to raise her and initiate her into the roles of womanhood are causing her irreparable and intense physical pain. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain is forced upon the girl in the most brutal manner imaginable. It is the extreme but if we look closely we see degrees of the same effort to cripple a young girl before she even gets a chance to be a woman in this world all around us.  The small-minded insecurities of men have failed to protect and cherish that which ought to be a part of the most holy.

It is no wonder so many women have led the way back to the worshipping of the goddess. Particularly among the tribes of Northern Europe. Yet in large part the damage has already been done. The expectations of society which are out of context with their very being have worn them out. They are tired from being in control all the time. They are exhausted from the constant complaining that they are not measuring up in some way. It is a delicate balancing act and one wrong step will get you labeled as a whore or a feminazi, or bull-dyke, spinster, control freak, anal, or any other of several monikers which point out in some way that a woman has failed or gone to the extreme to prove who and what she thinks she is.  And all they are trying to do is survive in this world. Actions are taken with the sole purpose of protecting the self from further harm. Memories of emotional distress tint the image of each and every interaction until it becomes ingrained within their being. They operate on autopilot, wondering why they make the same mistakes over and over. Building emotional barriers to protect the seed of beauty each woman possesses from the corruption of society does not constitute freedom. But even the attempt to extricate oneself from the complex web a woman must navigate in todays’ world results in immense loneliness and pain.

Women who have been wounded by fathers who do not have a firm grasp upon the roles and responsibilities they play in a little girl’s life are everywhere. The failure of a father to properly secure in his existence the understanding of the male relationship to the female in all of its’ forms is outlined in the tale of Skahdi It is also a warning to men concerning their treatment of beauty and the results it will have upon their own children.  In fact; an out of balance incorporation of the feminine into the life of a man does indeed possess the potential of lethality.  Once again; this is where we begin to see the poison of the Abrahamic faiths. Not possessing the courage to admit they need to figure it out, it is all too easy for them to point out a biblical role the woman must play. One which is subservient and obedient.  Whose greatest achievement is that she might marry well and bear fine sons. Which is all fine and good to recognize but it also brings into view with crystal clarity that women are going to have to recover the ancient mysteries of their being largely of their own accord.  But where do we start?   Let’s discuss the tale of Skahdi and I’ll show you.

He began the story at the point where three of the Æsir, Odin and Loki and Hoenir, departed from home and were wandering over mountains and wastes, and food was hard to find. But when they came down into a certain dale, they saw a herd of oxen, took one ox, and set about cooking it. Now when they thought that it must be cooked they broke up the fire and it was not cooked. After a while had passed, they having scattered the fire a second time, and it was not cooked, they took counsel together, asking each other what it might mean. Then they heard a voice speaking in the oak up above them, declaring that he who sat there confessed he had caused the lack of virtue in the fire. They looked thither, and there sat an eagle; and it was no small one. Then the eagle said: “If ye are willing to give me my fill of the ox, then it will cook in the fire.” They assented to this. Then he let himself float down from the tree and alighted by the fire, and forthwith at the very first took unto himself the two hams of the ox, and both shoulders. Then Loki was angered, snatched up a great pole, brandished it with all his strength, and drove it at the eagle’s body. The eagle plunged violently at the blow and flew up, so that the pole was fast to the eagle’s back, and Loki’s hands to the other end of the pole. The eagle flew at such a height that Loki’s feet down below knocked against stones and rock heap sand trees, and he thought his arms would be torn from his shoulders.

Here we have three powerful beings, two of whom are secure in who they are and what they are capable of, but one, one is a representation of the immature male psyche.  He has something to prove.  To make matters worse another powerful and immature aspect of the male psyche joins the gathering. He is resplendent in his feathers and posturing as an eagle.  And the contest of egos commences. First of all, it’s an argument about starting a fire. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been around a group of men trying to start a fire but it can be interesting.  Odin and Hoenir at this point seem to just kick back and enjoy the show. The eagle swoops in like John Wayne and shows these boys how it’s done. Feeling confident about getting a fire going in front of the creator of worlds.  I’m sure he was impressed. At any rate, the uninvited yet somewhat welcome guest, helps them cook the ox.  Notice that this ox came from a herd so there are more of them. Loki becomes incensed that the giant has eaten ¾ of the ox and he begins to plot a way to ease his wounded ego. Instead of just grabbing another one to continue the feast which ought to be easy enough to do. Odin does possess Gungnir which always hits what it is thrown at and always kills what it hits. Loki decides to take matters into his own hands with a somewhat uninspiring course of action. If there is one thing we might be sure of, it’s that Loki will kill the beings around him who makes him look bad or appear to be better than he is. Instead of improving himself he will eliminate the competition. In this particular moment; he is in front of Odin and Hoenir, he must maintain face. A typical ego driven male response to being outdone. In this case, he decides to drive a spear into the eagles back. How many times have we each seen men and women do the exact same thing.  Usually in the form of character assassination on social media or around the water cooler.  The principle is the same.  It is an expression of confusion and to the wise an admittance that they are jealous of something which they are not capable of.  It is also a warning sign of a lazy thinking model. The next thing which happens is that the Eagle flies off and drags him thru the brambles and all that.  During this dreadful clash of male egos, they begin to talk about a woman as if she is a possession to be bartered with.

He cried aloud, entreating the eagle urgently for peace; but the eagle declared that Loki should never be loosed, unless he would give him his oath to induce Idunn to come out of Ásgard with her apples. Loki assented, and being straightway loosed, went to his companions; nor for that time are any more things reported concerning their journey, until they had come home.

These two representations of a very base mentality coupled with a masculine ego, conspire to take another mans’ wife.  This in itself points out a powerful misconception of the role a woman will play in the life of the masculine identity.  The eagle has a daughter, who loves him dearly we might assume, But Loki and the giant Eagle have nothing but a powerful and egotistical love for themselves.  The giant seeks another woman to grace his tower. It is irrelevant how he must acquire her. He knows full well he has not cultivated within himself the qualities which might match Bragi.  Like most men though, knowing of the failing and having the courage to do something about it, are two very different things. They will both proceed as men will do until their doom.

But at the appointed time Loki lured Idunn out of Ásgard into a certain wood, saying that he had found such apples as would seem to her of great virtue, and prayed that she would have her apples with her and compare them with these. Then Thjazi the giant came there in his eagle’s plumage and took Idunn and flew away with her, off into Thrymheimr to his abode.

The deed is done.  Through lies, trickery and deceit the masculine offers up something which isn’t his to another base and simple masculine image dressed up in feathers.  Feeling satisfied that he didn’t need to change anything about himself to be worthy of such a mate he takes her to his castle.  But such a valuable contribution to the remainder of the society is quickly noticed.

But the Æsir became straitened at the disappearance of Idunn, and speedily they became hoary and old. Then those, Æsir took counsel together, and each asked the other what had last been known of Idunn; and the last that had been seen was that she had gone out of Ásgard with Loki. Thereupon Loki was seized and brought to the Thing, and was threatened with death, or tortures; when he had become well frightened, he declared that he would seek after Idunn in Jötunheim, if Freyja would lend him the hawk’s plumage which she possessed. And when he got the hawk’s plumage, he flew north into Jötunheim, and came on a certain day to the home of Thjazi the giant. Thjazi had rowed out to sea, but Idunn was at home alone: Loki turned her into the shape of a nut and grasped her in his claws and flew his utmost.

Notice that it isn’t just the husband who is aggrieved at the actions of Loki, but the entire society condemns the uninspired action against the divine feminine. He must also deal with another of the divine feminine to acquire a set of feathers to complete his quest. How embarrassing and completely necessary that he must deal with a mother or sister to repair the damage done. I also find it oddly reassuring that we haven’t changed to such a degree that this wouldn’t make sense.  As soon as Thjazi has a woman at home, his trophy wife, that bastard goes fishin.  And just like the relationships of today when the obnoxious individual is out fishing, the woman will leave, one way or another.  I’ve seen it happen far too many times in this day and age. From young professionals to your common redneck. It may not be literal fishing, it may be gaming or some very time consuming hobby or it may just be eating, sitting on the couch and watching TV. Whatever the case their minds and thinking process are a long way off.  As soon as they feel like they have someone in the house who will take care of everything like their mother there is the feeling that their responsibility is handled with regards to the relationship. There is an entire chapter I’ll be devoting to this problem.  Right now though, we are dealing with the failing of a father to handle the concept of a woman in his life and the damage it will cause to his little girl. The story continues:

Now when Thjazi came home and missed Idunn, he took his eagle’s plumage and flew after Loki, making a mighty rush of sound with his wings in his flight. But when the Æsir saw how the hawk flew with the nut, and where the eagle was flying, they went out below Ásgard and bore burdens of plane shavings thither. As soon as the hawk flew into the citadel, he swooped down close by the castle wall; then the Æsir struck fire to the plane shavings. But the eagle could not stop himself when he missed the hawk: the feathers of the eagle caught fire, and straightway his flight ceased. Then the Æsir were near at hand and slew Thjazi the giant within the Gate of the Æsir, and that slaying is exceeding famous.

And Thjazi is destroyed by the same thing he used to secure the bargain for a woman as his trophy.  Fire is a representation of an uninspired ego.  Anyone who cannot begin to fathom the wisdom of this ancient tale may well be in the midst of this type of thinking. Ego masquerading as confidence. Being unable to identify such a mindset will result in subsequent failure. The second and third wife will appear more and more like a mother instead of a partner in life.  Sadly; the woman who has never found a partner who will provide the domain where she might truly flourish as a woman, will accept the status as a kind of mother just dealing with it.  It may well be all she has ever known. In the case of Idunn she is simply placed in a cage. A feeling many women are all too familiar with.

When we sacrificed the formalities of the man and woman making ceremonies, we failed to provide a secure footing for us to offer instruction for what was to come.  We began to feel comfortable that someone else might handle it. The powerful goals of youth to be a valuable part of the tribe have been replaced with the self-seeking behaviors predominant in this world of children posing as adults.  The adult men and women of the tribe understood that the children ought to be taught certain things. There was a value to the tribe in that it would continue to survive seasons and future generations would be able to prosper. When women were relegated to second class status by the church and by extension the business world and our government while others began to educate our children we lost.  We lost on almost every front imaginable. The sacred teachings which had been handed down from mother to mother for generations in not only our culture of Northern Europe, but in every single indigenous culture which was forced to accept a universalist, homogenous behavior so they might better adapt to an industrialized world.  The great meals our grandmothers would cook for huge families and the skill necessary to plan them were lost for the sake of expediency and the burgeoning pressures of trying to fit in with a job and the corporate world. More importantly children are not witnessing or participating in activities which foster family ties and strengthen personal development. And in the very worst cases, like Idunn; the woman simply finds herself in an alien environment much different from the one she imagined.  But it is the examples of the extreme which encourage us to take a look at our life and determine if we are on track.

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