The Right Frame of Mind

As with any good book worth reading; there has to be a line, comment or idea which catches the eye of the potential reader.  It can be a lot harder to do than people realize.  We’ve all seen it a hundred times in the movies which suit our fancy at the moment.  The popular idea of the day made famous and brought into the crystal clear clarity provided to us by motion pictures.  The thinking processes which govern our lives are no different.  The only problem is that these thoughts are nowhere near as clear as the movies and there seems to be a constant source of interruption.  If we think about it for just a minute we know that the majority of the actions of our brains are conducted on autopilot. Our breathing, heartbeat, blinking, pain so on and so forth are but a few examples. It seems only natural that when the rest of our brain is presented with a means to mimic the automated concepts which run our bodies it’s going to follow suit.  So why should we jeopardize the seemingly comfortable status quo of being told what to do, what to value, how to love and what to hate?


Almost no one in Asatru wants to admit that they are still living in this sheep like state of being.  But we are.  Every single day we check in to our social media to see what kind of issue everyone else is dealing with. Consciously or sub consciously we make a decision as to whether or not we are going to engage in whatever happens to be going on.  Sometimes we will engage in three or four different situations online. Each one of these scenarios gives us a certain feeling.  It allows us to develop in our minds a thought process which usually creates in us a feeling from which we might derive some sense of identity.  It occurs in many different forms.  Comments which enrage us, pictures which give us pause to think, concepts which seek to empower a part of our being which requires no effort to make us feel “more than” the next guy. The list goes on and on and it is not helping us achieve our goals and desires.


If we are spending the majority of our free time on the problems and life situations of other people; when are we finding the time to focus our thoughts on what we expect to become.  Try it for just a minute.  Think of the most outlandish state of being you can imagine; your dream house, the perfect partner, a new car, winning a title match, that trophy buck or an adventure in the Maldives or the Congo.  Think about your hearts’ desire for just a minute.  Now do it again and see how long it takes you to come up with a reason as to why you CAN’T do it and begin to wonder what’s going on with your friends on social media. How often will you instead replace that fondest desire with a worst case scenario? Pay to attention to how often you would rather foster a resentful attitude that someone else is succeeding where you may have failed.  For the modern Viking I would submit that it is not other men and organizations which we need to be prepared to fight against; it is our own minds.  Until such time as we may be able to get our thinking under control; our ability to successfully motivate ourselves to achieve anything like success will appear to be woefully inadequate and almost entirely limited to smaller social circles.  More importantly we will find ourselves limited in our efforts to defend what we hold to be important.  Such actions will be constantly undermined by lesser men.  If we cannot figure out how to motivate ourselves to defend what little most people do have; how are you going to build within yourself the confidence to even attempt reaching for the stars?


This idea of being physically capable of defending ourselves and our loved ones is important. It is almost a cornerstone of our way of life.  In today’s society some men and organizations have determined it to be one of the last acts of rebellion; this idea of true masculinity bordering on savagery when it is needed.  In the past this has been something people felt they could lay claim to by talking about it alone.  Few men have the ability to determine when it is needed and they will engage in the false bravado and keyboard warrior mentality one sees among the bullies of the internet. False flag courage to shift the focus away from anything which might require an honest appraisal of their lack of capability.  It becomes a focus of our thinking process, this magnificent venue of the phony tough in which there is no accountability. These things we focus on are usually what we find in abundance.  Our own minds will latch on to half of the ideal men are talking about and it becomes the substitution for the powerful development Asatru offers.


There are a couple of men who are actually doing this in a correct fashion and their success is self evident.  They have accomplished those things most men have shied away from, made honest appraisals of themselves and noticed these same points I’ve just outlined.  Each one has addressed the issue as they perceive it; but they have all taken the time to really look at these issues, set the standard for themselves, achieve it and then encourage others to do the same.  Their success is well worth noting and whether or not they realize it, their actions are right in line with the examples of our gods.  We even have an example of what it look likes when someone doesn’t understand that they don’t need anyone’s permission to become as successful as they can be in the Lokesanna. An individual who has gone out of his way to take cheap shots at the deities seated there, because he cannot comprehend how they are enjoying the success they are. He attributes it to the only thing he understands and that is the base and simple instincts of the uninspired human intellect.  We see it every day from the various trolls on our posts to social media.  This is a trap.  It is a waste of our energy to respond and just like the gods our best bet is to ostracize them. We have far more important uses of our energy than wasting it on someone who is so thoroughly entrenched in a negative mindset.


You see every time we get caught up in the moment and we focus on something about which we have absolutely no control over; we sacrifice our personal might and mane to empower something we might hate; vehemently.  Some new nugget of truth or new point of view empowers us to repeat it again and again to counter age old arguments and nothing changes. That argument continues on as it has and all you have done is add the personal power which resides in your being to the argument instead of success in your life.  You might think at some point in our lives we would realize; that those things we think about all the time are what we always seem to find in our life.  I for one; am not fond of the idea that all our faith will ever be is a footnote in history because people could not give up  the all powerful feeling of trying to win an internet argument.  It is all we seem to be thinking about.  Which argument or point of view will attract enough people to our side in order for us feel successful?  We are placing an artificial limit on the success of our faith by trying to insist others pursue the same intellectual pursuits we may have in order to justify a position in heathenry.  Usually this is done when we find we cannot successfully incorporate what we have read into a useful outline for living a good life in todays world. It is a remnant of Sunday Christians at their best and a clear indication of just how radical a change we are dealing with. Arguing with them is a suckers bet, but it is one we all too often take because it is familiar.  It allows us to tap in to the anger we have used for such a long time as a source of fuel.  In the past; that anger has driven us forward and in some cases provided us with a great deal of satisfaction.  Indeed, there is the possibility that we have utilized this form of energy for so long we may hardly understand what kind of being we might appear to be without it.


Let’s change that.  Let’s use this platform of being powerful men and women of Asatru and begin to discipline our minds and harness that power to build a truly successful world we have imagined; but have been too afraid to hope for after so many let downs in life.


Our predicament is understandable. Our world is far different from the world our grandparents were born in, much less the far distant past in which our ancestors practiced this holy way of life.  Recent efforts to adopt the ideas of ancient times are met with confusion and the ego driven ideas of secret knowledge.   We find ourselves almost out of time as it were.  Faced with a world we do not really wish to be a part of anymore yet we understand at some level we are here for a reason. Let’s replace the sense of superiority we enjoy from the shock value of our faith with the steadfast resolution of a disciplined mind to achieve whatever it is we desire.  Our thoughts are what determine our world.


Now that is a powerful revelation.  The idea that we are, with each passing moment, positioning our being to relate to the world as we perceive it is at the foundation of just about everything I have written.  The premise is sufficiently powerful enough that it will take us well beyond just looking for the good in other people and into a realm that maintains a positive perception of our being in each minute of the day.  I’m not talking about the starry eyed hope one sees amongst the faithful of Christianity, but a solid understanding of our place in the universe and the fact that we can effect positive change.  Could it be so simple that our greatest challenge in standing up to be what we are meant to be requires that we reprogram our thinking in such a radical manner? If we think about it; we have already approached those crossroads and decided to pursue our path with Heathenry, let’s complete the adoption of this path by accepting that it really is all on our shoulders.  In more ways than one.


As I’ve outlined in the previous paragraphs sometimes we have spent hours compiling messages and arguments to make that one all powerful statement which will cause everyone to think we are right.  Imagine what your world would look like if you took that same amount of time and compiled information which you could use to build your own dream instead of someone else’s.  Our whole world seems to be driven by this sacrifice our own personal energy for the benefit of others.  Stop it.  Put an end to it.  Let me tell you how.


One of the first things we should do is determine exactly what is important to us. By writing it down.  Put it down in black and white to remind you of why you are doing this.  That concept was one of the key ingredients to the success of Asatru Book of Days, it was never written to be the be all and end all of Asatru books, though it is certainly very popular, it was written with a journal aspect in mind so that you see clearly what was going on in your own head.  Not mine.  My words were written to provide guidance, a place to look, an indication of a suggested train of thought to solidify for you and your descendants a place for the faith of Asatru to be reborn in your line.  Asatru has this funny little thing among its adherents that whenever something becomes a little too difficult we simply change our path and embrace the pagan or heathen ideology instead of sticking to our guns and attempting to deal with the more difficult problems which brought us here to begin with.  We’ve already switched gears once and figured out we are not going to hell, why not do it again. We see other long time heathens doing it so it must be alright.  This is one of the reasons I put a married couple who are pro MMA fighters on the cover of this book.  There is no confusion about what they want.  They want to be married, they want to be Asatru and they want to win.  They are two of the most positive people I’ve had the privilege to raise a horn with. And they keep it straight in their minds. There are very simple and important lessons we should all be taking away from a successful union such as this.  The majority of the thoughts and actions which occur in their heads on any given day are dedicated to winning in one of these aspects of their life.  What are your thoughts focused on?  While it may be a somewhat anecdotal example; 90% of the people reading this book will not be able too clearly outline what it is they wish to become with Asatru as the foundation of their faith.  Write it down.

Starting at the beginning will require us to take a good long, honest look at ourselves.  No one will want to do this.  Especially if there is any semblance of success in their life at the moment.  It has long been held as a truth that no one is going to change anything about themselves until it causes them enough pain to want to do so. But I am of the belief that we need to be sure we know how to do it and that at some point when we found Asatru it wasn’t because life was going as was expected.  Some catalyst was involved, for myself, it was failure at almost every level of being a man. I distinctly remember times when I considered it might be well to finish it, or simply to give up and wander off into the crowds of the homeless we see lining our streets on any given day. I was not put here because I had the answers, I have approached this crossroads in life and taken a new path, because I had for so long failed to recognize the dangers of the path my ego was leading me down.  The easy path, not the road less traveled or even a nice path through the park.  It was a path which always lead in a circle and again and again I found myself right back where I started. Each time the ruts became deeper and the fortifications I had built to protect myself became higher and higher.  In that darkness the only light I could see was a dim and faint shining of the spark of life the gods had gifted me with.  This is why I cannot and will not accept half measures. This is why I will not submit to half truths and lies as the gateway to secret knowledge.  The sun was still shining yet I had forgotten that I was a part of it. Many of us do, we take a path which we may not be prepared for because our egos tell us “oh yeah; you can do that!” but it never tells us where we will find the strength to do it or how to handle the failure which inevitably comes from failing to properly prepare ourselves.  That is where we start to truly develop.  This is the point where we embrace the idea that the spark within us has every right to join its light to the light of the sun and shine again.


Our very manner of thinking will need to be adjusted to accept this simple fact. That we are worth it and in that moment we have begun to conquer one of those things in life which has held us back from becoming more than we ever thought possible.   We have begun to conquer ourselves, a sacrifice of ourselves to ourselves in order to pick up the concepts of our faith and sing new songs of our old ancestors. Its’ right there in front of us. Example after example of believing in who we are to achieve whatever we may desire.  Because it does not have to stop at just turning things around.  We can continue this train of thought to the reaches of our imagination.  If it has brought you this far, what makes you think it won’t take you all of the way.

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