In our faith, that of Asatru, Thor is a
constant champion on our behalf. The stories of
his victories over giants to protect Midgard have
been told for literally millennia. And when we
grow up, there resides in our hearts, at times, a
desire to win some great victory. To be
celebrated as a champion, to enjoy the cheers and
applause given to the victor of the conquest.
Sometimes change is not always better for us.
Now we do our best to stifle that unrequited
feeling for greatness with new cars and homes,
or television or doing our best at work to make
someone else very wealthy.
In the old days, we are told were legends and
there is some archaeology which suggests that
perhaps there were actual giants for men to
contend with. One such example is Lovelock cave in Nevada; where the skeletons 40 or 50 giants were discovered at the early part of this
century, they were known to the local Native
Americans as the red-headed giants, and they did
indeed have red hair. The skulls of these
giants or a few of them are in a museum locked
away out of sight and when you lay a human jaw
bone next to them, the jaw bone is dwarfed by
the skull of an individual who may well have
been over seven feet tall. The same type of thing
was recorded by a lawyer who eventually
became a justice of the supreme court of
Tennessee in 1823. But we’ve all seen some very
tall people, so who is to say that this isn’t the
case in both of these instances. But as the giants
have disappeared, it seems as if our gods did as
well. The threat, whether it be real or imaginary
seems to have disappeared. It is no longer a
battlefield upon which we need to fight. Sure,
there are wars with other men and nationalities,
but this can be a truly terrifying proposition
with no real goal in mind other than being right.
But when you take the field of conquest away
from men, with what will you replace it to allow
us to deal with a feeling we have all been born
with. Some people have it far more than others
and it does not always manifest itself in ways
that society will approve of. To be appreciated
and to know that we have done something
important or that our actions, when put to the
test were worthy of merit is the stuff from
which dreams originate.
In the movie, Fight Club, there is a soliloquy
delivered by the actor Brad Pitt. In it he
surmises that the collection of average Joes assembled around him have been misled by the

assembled around him have been misled by the
materialistic ideas of the world. The whole
premise of the movie is along these lines and the
struggle to free oneself from it manifests as a
physical one. He says that we are the middle
children of history. We have no Great
Depression to rise out of and no Great War to
win. He further goes on to say that our great
depression is our lives and our great war is a
spiritual one. The movie has been a classic for a
long time now. But there is a chance, and not a
small, one that his words are true.
The giants which were once feared by all are
gone, the gods appear to be in short supply,
meanwhile, mankind seems content to consume
itself as the world descends into selfishness and
greed fostered by enormous egos and a desire to
right. When no one was paying attention, the
rules of the game of life changed in such a
manner we are still trying to figure it out. The
gods and men have defeated the giants. Their
presence in stories and sagas is now merely as a
representation of some negative human
characteristic. When the rules changed in the
game of life, so too did the instructions for
playing the game. Our war is now a spiritual
one. The Gods have done their part and made
the world a place where mankind may develop.
Sadly we have missed the point as a whole.
Those giants in all of those old stories are really
a huge sign pointing out some negative idea
within each us and the actions of the gods may
be used as a way to defeat them. Not in the
world but within ourselves. The location of the
battlefield has changed but the magnificence of

the effort involved to win has not. And only
those who win these wars will even begin to
comprehend the scale of the struggle.
Raidho is a like a magnifying glass on our
insight, it provides clarity if we have the courage
to look. When we look close enough and work
hard enough, as if by magic, a truly well-lit path
emerges in front of us.
Life is going to happen, and it’s going to keep
on happening, it does not matter if you are sad or
happy, if you have a job or are unemployed, with
or without family. The energy that animates
your mortal coil is going to continue. Your
ability to deal with that simple fact is what will
determine the quality of the life that you live.
Do you have what it takes to engage a battle of
the spirit with the same tenacity you would to
protect your family? In a sense you are. But
trying to develop the seriousness of this essential
revelation can be difficult. The things which we
do that may hurt our families and those we love
are not as glaring as a giant at the dinner table.
But what if he is only 6’9” and dressed for the
occasion, politely engaging in a civilized
conversation? Will you make excuses for the
awkwardness of the smallish dinner table and all
of its now, seemingly, miniature place settings
while telling the children not to stare? It’s all a
ridiculous analogy but a lot of the time in life we
get comfortable with those things in our life that
are a little out of place and give them a title like
uniqueness or cute. But that tall thing at the
table is probably eating far more than just his fair
share. It is taking away from your quality of life
and quite possibly affecting others. Just like any

wheel when it gets out of balance, the ride is no
longer as smooth as it should be. But we’ve
conditioned ourselves to accept it after
generations of trained thought that was forced
upon us as children. “That’s just the way it is”,
“something out there will take care of it for us”,
“we all have to do it” so on and so forth the more
we consider it the angrier it will make some of
us. To some extent, there is a glimmer of truth
to it, but they were given the same set of bad
instructions as you have received. Trade your
time for their dollar and turn your back on your
heritage. We’ve all come to Asatru and found a
new freedom, but it is not a freedom to live in a
dream world, it is the freedom to shed some of
these self-imposed burdens and begin a quest for
greatness well worth being recorded in the
history books of society and our families. In all
those great quests we have read about, King
Arthur, Siegfried and even Moses they started
out as something lowly in life and had to make
great changes to become who they are supposed
to be. We will as well. It seems that the
guidance they received from their gods put them
on a path to greatness or was it merely that the
gods pointed out to the open mind that there is a
better way. Make those changes which are
necessary, quit feeding the giant and step out to
find that better way. The quest for greatness is
already upon you.
The ability to focus is one the great
hallmarks of any professional or accomplished
person. In fact, it is such short supply these days
that the lack of it is now considered a condition
in the medical community and certain drugs are

prescribed for it. ADD, ADHD and a host of
other sets of initials serve to remind everyone
around a person that they cannot properly focus
and may in fact deserve some kind of leeway. It
is a sad state of affairs that the hallmark of the
professional has fallen to the wayside against the
credentials of the victim in our society. These
persons who suffer with ADD like symptoms
truly do suffer with them. With so much
activity going on in the world in any given
second, it is a constant barrage of information and
light and noise that will serve to distract even the
most conditioned mind, let alone someone who
has difficulty trying to read a book in silence. It
is easy to see why so many people miss the mark
as it were when it comes to living life. I once
spoke with a counselor who suggested to me that
perhaps I was medicating myself with drugs of
abuse in order to keep this information overload
out of my head. I notice everything. This is a
good quality if you are a Special Forces or Navy
SEAL operator walking into a bar in a foreign
country, but not so much for someone trying to
work in a factory on an assembly line for
doorknobs. How can one focus and given the
ever increasing phenomena of diagnosed ADD
type disabilities, more importantly, just what in
the world should we be focusing on? Just like
any spiritual concept, Raidho is no exception;
we must be able to prepare ourselves to handle
the constant influx of images and situations to
know how we must act. Raidho is our key to
being able to do just that.
There is a common philosophical belief
which pertains to the courage of explorers and

the value of taking the road less traveled. But if
you take a road less traveled just how accurate
will the signposts to your destination be? There
is an awareness I spoke of in the first chapter that
plays a crucial part in this, but it is one that
requires an effort most people have not been able
to develop. It is an awareness of the world
around you. Not the world in its entirety, but the
immediate surroundings you find yourself in on
any given day and in any given moment. This
moment, if you are aware of it, is feeding you
more information than you can imagine. For
instance. as I write this line, my hands are
typing, my mind is creating the words of the
sentence, there is a lamp I need to adjust, but I’m
busy, the ceiling fan is running, I hear the cars on
the street outside, the wind is blowing, I know
it’s cold, I wonder what Stephanie and Scarlett
are doing, I need a drink and it’s time for a
cigarette. Other than that it’s fairly peaceful, the
TV is off and no one is home. It is a nice quiet
day. But as soon as I step outside that
information will be doubled, and yet again as
soon as begin to interact with even one person.
It’s no wonder people keep to themselves and
hang their heads down in the supermarket. It can
all be a little overwhelming at times. Let’s just
turn on the TV and be told to think for a little
bit. Allow ourselves to be guided in what to
believe as it were. Like no other time in the
history of mankind, we have the ability to put
ourselves on autopilot and wait for something out
there to fix what is in here every Sunday.
This is no way to live. We are on a
fantastic journey. A man I worked with one time

told it to me like this. Picture yourself in a scuba
suit with an underwater camera, as you swim
around and take wonderful snapshots of the life
going on around you, it’s difficult to imagine
another world as beautiful as this one. But at
some point the air in your tanks runs out. You
head to the beach, take off your wetsuit and scuba
equipment and share all those beautiful
photographs with family and friends. The diver
was paying particular attention to all of the
wonderful things going on around him, taking
one picture at a time to form an overall collage of
the world he had just visited. When we die, it’s a
lot like that diver, we shed our skins, and share
all the wonderful memories we have made with
our ancestors. We may regale them with
wonderful stories of our lives or we can tell them
we couldn’t figure out what to do so we just
watched TV or surfed on Facebook. The diver
was able to share the pleasing images of his visit
because he prepared himself and he knew what he
wanted to focus on.
Our ability to harness the energies of
Raidho and bring about an awareness of the
world around us to include all of its cycles and
rhythms will help us to remedy the lack of
preparation we all suffer from on our journey.
Think of it as the opening our eyes. Then we
may begin to find those things we need to focus
on. Most, if not all of the time, they are right in
front of us. But we’ve developed a convenient
way to reduce the importance of them in our life.
There is always the excuse that we should be at
work, or having a girls night out, or a boys night
out, or something, anything to keep our minds occupied

so that we don’t need to take a look at
ourselves and what we need to do to grow up. I
say “grow up” because most of the time that’s all
it is. Setting aside the ideas that sheltered us as
children and embracing the next step in our
personal growth. We cannot use our faith as an
excuse to wait for the proper moment so as to be
blessed in such a manner that we may then enjoy
life. We must utilize our faith to rocket us
forward into a new realm of life that is happening
all around us, all of the time.
But in this world around us there is so
much that we do not fully comprehend. It may
range from our understanding of photosynthesis
to ghost hunting. There is one thing they both
have in common, even if you do not believe in
either. They are descriptions and attempts to
understand the flows of energy that lace the
world and all the dimensions around it. If we are
making even rudimentary progress in meditating
upon a rune and allowing it to work in our life we
will begin to discern these flows and the proper
way to harness them for a positive result in our
life. We are not here to control them, the only
thing we are truly able to control is ourselves, but
our ability to control ourselves in accordance
with a proper perspective upon the runes will
help us, all of us, live a better life.

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