Excerpt from Nobility

Do you remember how wonderful it felt to
see a new way of life which you instinctively
knew would work? How is it then; that such a
wonder might be replaced with a steel hearted
monster which possesses nothing but the intent to
prove others wrong, instead of demonstrating his
own ability to live by right action? Men worry,
fear and fight in their newfound way of life
because they are afraid to appear wrong. The
stressors of their own opinions about things and
situations feed a constant and very hungry ego
which will do just about anything to prove it is not
wrong. Where do we find any semblance of sanity
amidst constantly clashing personalities? We start
by attempting to harvest a balanced spirituality in
a sea of biased opinions.
One of the chief drivers of human
motivation is the desire to escape negative
consequences. There seems to be an overwhelming
compulsion to escape the predicament of our
actions. This kind of confusion between right and
wrong will sometimes hinder our ability to enact
the one and succumb to the other. When we
discover the new horizons of our spirituality; there
is a temptation to use it as an excuse to justify our
excesses of behavior. We will sometimes fall prey
to blaming the orthodoxy of our last encounter
with religion (as if it were the orthodoxy which
was confused or the source of suffering and not the
man or the men involved). Sometimes the
delusion will be a grand one. Where it will be
claimed that the wrong thing was done to obtain
the happiness of others. The problem is still the
same only it is subtle and far more dangerous.
There is nothing more dangerous than a half truth.
We will find ourselves denied the freedom
to roam the great open fields and wooded hillsides
of our verdant faith as we blame so many others
for our failure to act with integrity. We will find
many people to blame for our misdeeds and poor
behavior and a new faith to justify our lack of selfgovernment.
Who among us has the courage to
set a standard others might view as worthy?
In the absence or anything which might
resemble orthodoxy amongst the adherents of
Asatru and a fierce determination to avoid the
necessary sacrifices of ego required to grow along
anything which might resemble spiritual lines;
there may be a small problem. The constant
infighting and the loud proclamations of one group
against another based upon an inability to see past
their own noses is distasteful at best. The select
groups whose very small setups allow for
magnificent egos to continually plow up what
newcomers who arrive with their own
shortcomings and lack of understanding is a cancer
which poisons the well. If only the priests of
Uppsala could see us now. In the words of
Captain Jack Sparrow “Let me lend you a machete
to handle this intellectual thicket”.
Usually the delusion concerning the lack of
right action and poor self-conduct sounds
something like this: “If those people would only
see it my way I could do so much better”, “These
people are holding me back”, “If only he/she
didn’t act that way I wouldn’t have to be like this”,
“There is no Asa-pope, I can do as I please”, “You
are not in my kindred so your opinion does not
matter”. These types of arguments abound on any
given day throughout our social media platforms.
The hyper vigilant attitudes of the social justice
warrior simply adds fuel to the fire of righteous
indignation and justification for lapses in any kind
of decent conduct.
One might also hear from the overly angry
man that others are always to blame for his
actions. By his continuous recital of this statement
he will eventually convince himself of such. Just
how does a man begin to correct the shortcomings
in himself if others are always to blame. Such a
state of mind feeds the ego a full on protein diet as
the man searches for others to fertilize into his
victim mentality. The seeds of his own destruction
are sown so deeply into his being that the origin of
his unhappiness becomes completely lost to him.
Only through a powerful and painful experience
will such a man ever recover from this simplistic
and savage state of mind. It is one of the reasons
the story concerning the sacrifice of a god has been
told so many times throughout history.
What is truly amazing about it; is that such
a state of mind seems to be suffered as necessary in
Asatru. We find provokers galore among our ranks
and men with the aforementioned attitude
willfully offer up their services. These are unwise
and weak characteristics representative of the
failings of our modern society. Yet the basic fact
that in Asatru our actions are our own
responsibility seems to be lost on them. We
should also consider that it is our actions, thoughts
and beliefs which draw certain people to us. If a
man has the strength to begin accepting the
responsibility for his actions; there is some hope
that he will begin to live a life of right action
instead of the charade which has fed his ego so
well for so long. This takes honesty. And lots of
it. Perhaps the necessity of the Nine Noble
Virtues is far more apparent than we might
The proving ground of virtue is trial. And
we have nine of them; like it or not. The more
they are tested the more valuable they become. If a
man thinks he has what it takes to follow the Nine
Noble Virtues but gives way to its opposing vice
as it appears in his life, there is a good chance he is
way off the beaten path with regards to the
strength of his faith in Asatru and most certainly a
lack of wisdom. If a man has what it takes to rise
and be a man, take a minute and stop thinking
about others holding you back. The stunning
realization that the only one holding you back is
you requires, courage and honesty but it will set
you on the fast track towards your establishment
as a respectable individual. Others might even see
in you the powerful strength it takes to conquer
yourself. The very things which a man might
view as the chief hindrances to his being will
become valuable to him. Very much so. For in
that realization there is the responsibility to
undertake with both hands the chore of right
action in your life. A cessation of the most
unmanly conduct of blaming others leads the way
to becoming referred to as a person with a noble
Once we begin to live in a steadfast manner
with regards to these virtues; it is almost like a
new set of glasses has been placed upon our face.
Ones which allow us to recognize our own
shortcomings in each of the instances where we
were apt to blame others. Our own actions will be
looking us squarely in the face. Soon enough we
will find that we are no longer associating with
narrow-minded individuals who still wish to play
the game. We might even find ourselves counted
among the crowds of the respectable and successful
people of our community. It is a natural process
which gives you the opportunity to awaken in
others their own latent nobility.
Our course with regards to our lives once
we have adopted this spirituality as our own; it is
simple, straight and plain. There is no need to
confuse it with uncertainties and misgivings. It is
a way of life, for as soon as we depart from it for
the sake of others, we begin the cycle anew. Doubt,
difficulty, perplexity, and pain will again
accompany us on our way. If we begin to attempt
forecasting the results of our actions; it creates an
unstable atmosphere which typically results in our
being blown about upon the winds of change. We
must remain staunch in our loyalty to the virtues
which have brought us this far.
Those of us who have the presence of mind
to be mindful of our thoughts, who engage in a
persistent life of right action, who have the
capability to be honest with themselves while
putting away abuse of passion and ego; those folks
are on a path to wisdom. The knowledge that only
right acts will yield right results; offers a sense of
confidence which so many of us have
unknowingly been searching for.
This way of life will give us freedom from
the shortcomings which have been the governing
force of our ego. It has typically been heretofore
disavowed in the face of the surging excitements
and temporary pleasures we might find in this
world today. You can be assured that there is a
battle to be fought to gain possession of our mind.
But in the same manner we conditioned ourselves
to live in such a hedonistic manner, by repetition,
we may also develop the habits of success and
wisdom. By doing the right thing over and over.
We can read as many books as we like. We might
even have the chance to talk with the wisest men
we come across. But until we put into practice the
simple precept of right action in everything we do,
it will be to no avail.
In finding Asatru we have found ourselves
a set of tools which will allow us to chip away at a
personality which may appear boorish or
overbearing, perhaps even arrogant and brash.
With these tools of repetition at work in our lives
we have the potential to create a work every bit as
remarkable as the master who created the Winged
Venus, or painted the Mona Lisa. We will also
begin to realize that no matter the situation we
have a set virtues which will help us negotiate any
obstacle in our path. By our right action we will
find fewer and fewer of the obstacles in the way to
our development. It all hinges on our ability to be
honest with ourselves. Are you getting the results
you expected when you started this journey?
The great thing about starting over in
Asatru as so many of us have, is that we are no
longer confined to the limiting ideas of the manner
in which we were raised. We can abandon the
negative aspects of the beliefs which up to now
have confused us. It is a chance at freedom. Do
not think yourself out of it.

To purchase Nobility in the US:  http://amzn.to/2v7oYm0

To purchase Nobility in the UK: http://amzn.to/2vrLW6x

To purchase Nobility in Germany: http://amzn.to/2v7qrZs

Available in Spain, France, Italy, Netherland, and Japan. also available on Kindle in Australia.


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