Rough draft, ideas I am working with in the preface of the new book Mimir’s Well

I’ve started a project like this probably four times. Every time I have keyed in on any issue and begin to point out some pertinent fact; you can bet I would find someone who was pointing it just fine. I would make a mental note and observe from a distance. Typically, self-importance would crash the stellar course of success and I’ve seen it happen many times.

I’ve also seen this idea of a red pill be adopted by men to point out the wiles of feminine ideas. You know, confident men don’t usually ever concern themselves with such disparity. But, that was all it took to get the red pill idea labeled as misogynist.

Still; the idea that Odin sacrificed an eye for knowledge has proven to be a fascinating one. As I surmised the two ideas I found myself in an ever convoluted thought process attempting to reconcile the two.

The idea of the red pill being the one we might take so that we might wake up to the true possibilities of who and what we are, of the circumstances we have been forced to deal with and an awakening of our spiritual slumber or captivity, however you wish to perceive it. It bears a powerful similarity to a God setting the example that the things we “see” are not nearly as important as those things we might “know”.

To which school of philosophy would you subscribe, that our words describe the thing, or that our words create the thing?  Do these words get their meaning by standing for things or do they get their power and meaning by standing for ideas in the mind? If you have been reading anything I have written in the last year or so, it ought to be very obvious that I wholeheartedly believe in our ability to create the world we would wish to live in by focusing on the idea of what it is we want and working tirelessly for that result. Creation is more than just wishful thinking, and these ideas, these thoughts which are the ancestors of action are crucial to the process. But when we take that red pill or that long draught from Mimir’s well, we are also sacrificing all of those things we “see” as being real in order to secure a future worthy of our children. We are stepping out of the narcissistic and pragmatic ideas which govern so much of society in favor of a place where we might ruminate upon the great wisdom of thousands of years.  We have shared our amazement at men such as Jefferson that they were such prodigious thinkers with a plethora of accomplishments and yet here we are, each and every one of us, standing at the threshold of a faith which expects it of us.

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