From the Alvismol to Vafthruthnismol the folkish foundation of Asatru

But with treacherous wiles | must I now betray thee:
The day has caught thee, dwarf!
(Now the sun shines here in the hall.)”


Tacitus points out very clearly that the Northern Tribes kept to themselves and refrained from intermarrying between the tribes. How did people become confused by this? Because they were afraid to hurt someone’s feelings and Christianity has told us for thousands of years now that we are all the same. If only we had the courage to pay attention to the 10th precept of one of the Shinto factions, that is to resist outside teaching.

Some people reading this are going to feel uncomfortable. They have family members who may be other races or engage in a form of love which appeals to them. So do I. I love and would fight tooth and nail for every single one of them. No questions asked. But we are asserting a right. We are attempting to reclaim the tribal idea of who and what we are. That being the tribes on Northern Europe.

You will notice that Thor doesn’t immediately smash him with his hammer. He has a powerful discourse of the nature of all things. Perhaps this should have been his first clue. But it wasn’t, the poor dwarf was consumed with a powerful ego that he was indeed worthy of being the husband of Thrud. In his own mind, there was simply no question about it. One might think that in the course of such a conversation with a God, doubts might arise, questions as to the suitability or even the plausibility of the action to which Alvis has committed himself. Thor gave him a chance to make this realization, but egos are a powerful and poignant reminder of just how much we need to learn before we let our alligator mouths overload our tweety bird behinds.

Obviously, many people today are failing to understand what the value of their being is. This gives rise to a persons’ inability to put forth a solid “no” when other people come by telling you that it will be alright if you sacrifice this or that principle because someone else has chosen to live in a dream world. This entire Lay is how we deal with such people suffering these delusions of grandeur.

Part of the problem is that we have not one, but two cultures in America which have been separated from their cultural heritage. Neither has any idea about who and what they are. This discovery of heritage is an immensely important part of moving the entire human race forward and indeed out into the universe.  Imagine if you will men from each race on this planet full of the knowledge of who they are culturally. Men who have passed the rites of initiation into manhood and are confident in their abilities. We wouldn’t find ourselves in these confusing and uncomfortable situations.

Those types of men who value the hard work, sacrifice and unique abilities of the women in their world are becoming a rarity. Nor is that respect being taught to their sons. I’ve always thought it a slap in the face of everything an African American woman has gone through to raise a son as best as she can and the first thing he does to prove he is a man is hooking up with a white woman. Largely because there isn’t a strong black man in the home to teach him any better. But no one wants to say it. Take a look at what every football player who gets on camera and says “Hi mom!”  These are our modern-day gladiators, or versions of them anyway, and far from being initiated into the mysteries of the masculine mindset, they give the credit for their dragon slaying abilities to their mothers.  Just where does a young man turn to learn this? TV, Radio, Social Media, any of the various for profit entities which do their best to outline what they believe to be the social narrative, or, worse yet, the construct they desire.

What about love?  Well first off this isn’t Romeo and Juliet. These aren’t competing tribes, these are entirely different cultures. I personally know women of all races who are stunningly beautiful, and I have nothing in common with them.  The idea that it is acceptable to sacrifice our unique identities for the sake of desire is a 20th century notion and it is ridiculous.

Marriage has always been an institution designed to build the tribe and cement the foundations of organizations both large and small. Marriages were arranged and there were plenty of concubines and slave girls to make up for any difference. This is not to say women didn’t have any recourse. There are plenty of tales in the Sagas of women putting their foot down so to speak or separating from an unconscionable boor of a man. But they made it work. Somehow, someway it built their society and their world. Nowadays, men and women are encouraged to find a soul mate. That one being who will bring out the best in them and allow each of them to live happily ever after.

This is a hard concept to embrace if you are identified with your ego. The thoughts you might have about your value to the world being based upon your job. Add in a spice of different cultures and you contribute to the %50 divorce ratio in America. The one parent households and children with issues far deeper than people are willing to admit. And yet we are being told every day that it is seemingly A-OK to stack the deck against yourself with regards to relationship goals by crossing cultural boundaries. Mostly to satisfy Hollywood’s version of true love.

But it also forces a person to seek help from the government. Once it fails, and it usually does, now there is a child involved, probably more than one. They find themselves in desperate need of Food Stamps. Welfare, social services of all kinds to be able to even exist on this planet. The typical entry level job in retail or fast food simply will not pay the bills. Sooner or later, the ones who can’t, become to some extent dependent on the government. If you add the Child Tax Credit, it means everyone below the poverty line.

Why do you think it is such a confusing endeavor to “work” at a loving relationship?  Neither the man or the woman has been initiated into the ranks of the tribe. Their parents had no idea it was even necessary. Get a job, go to college, but most importantly, like they have been saying all of our lives, get out and leave me alone. In many cases these adults are simply children attempting to draw life-giving air through a straw, drowning in the morass of pain and trapped in a cage built by their perception of the world. One their parents taught them how to build.  Who else is there to ask for help but the government? How treacherous the path that makes men and women willingly become the shivering denizens of the collective.

Many of us find that after our relationships have failed, and we have no idea why, (just like our parents) that there might be some hope to make our broken hearts flutter a bit by watching Hollywood’s version of romance. The collective pain of so many people who believed that the dreams of love they once held is seen in the tears of every crying eye when the hero dies. So many people cling to a notion of romantic love like Romeo and Juliet had. One which crossed cultural boundaries and they hope it might manifest in their lives. But it doesn’t. The Hollywood narrative doesn’t work either. There is no worse fate than to lack for longed for joy. They have moved our bowl and we didn’t even know it.

If we are to move forward, to preserve the cultures (and I do mean all of them) It would behoove men to embrace these attitudes demonstrated by Thor towards outsiders intent on marrying into the tribe. They might need to take some responsibility to seek out and embrace those indigenous ideas of independence and what it means to be a free man.  That means the days of the free handout are behind us. It also means we might have to step away from the narrative which has been forced upon us since birth. That all men are equal and race is a societal construct.  We may be created equal, but unless you work for something, by the sweat of your brow, the musings of your thoughts and the courage of your convictions you may never be equal to the man sitting next to you. Or, you could be more. Some men are simply better than others.

Alvis does not understand this simple concept and his ego whispers into his ear of his mind that he is. His association with his own thoughts and those of his ego cost him his life.  Everybody gets a chance, that’s it, nothing more and so far as we know, we only get one shot at this.  If you want to waste your time crying about it, go right ahead. I’ll spend mine building myself into something ready to grab the next opportunity that passes by, not indulging in some pipe dream of equality like Alvis until the time is up.  The last moments of my life will not be spent trying to convince someone that I really am worthy.  How many men of all races are doing just that right here and now? Attempting to define themselves by the factors established by men of another culture. How many think this will ever work?

The failure of these various efforts, in an age when the insanity of men and women living with great pain is the rule of the day, only serves to feed the most negative aspects of a persons’ ego. Instead of cultivating a powerful love of the heritage you have grown up in, we are being asked to set it aside and erase our own history. Many of our ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

But the Poetic Edda goes a step further for us in outlining this idea of people laying claim to something they are not. It addresses how best to deal with those who would foist a narrative upon us that tries to erase the uniqueness of our heritage. How to deal with powerful egos of lesser men. In the Vafthruthismol, we see Odin handling the self-titled braggart. The one who lays claim to a heritage which is not his own and who believes he knows enough to be counted among the wise. He gathers several associates around him and they begin to parade about like peacocks. Strutting their stuff and putting people in place with their high-minded learning. Until one who is wisest reminds them that this is not their place.

Othin spake:

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