More from Mimir’s Well and the Thorsdapa

“Then Thor saw Gjálp, daughter of Geirrödr, standing in certain ravines, one leg in each, spanning the river, and she was causing the spate. Then Thor snatched up a great stone out of the river and cast it at her, saying these words: ‘At its source should a river be stemmed.’ Nor did he miss that at which he threw. In that moment, he came to the shore and took hold of a rowan-clump, and so climbed out of the river; whence comes the saying that rowan is Thor’s deliverance.

One of the more interesting things about this is that Gjalp is one of the nine mothers of Heimdall. What makes her less important than Skadhi? She is doing the same thing. She is trying to protect her father. Though Skadhi was seeking vengeance with the instruments of war, she was also reacting to a situation created by Loki. One more reminder of a constant effort by a being seeking to sow discord and mistrust for his own gain. Even though he doesn’t even know what that is. The driving motivation is to save his own skin and make sure no one tarnishes his ego. Here he has managed to pit the mothers of Heimdall against Thor to protect their father. One sister, Jarnsaxa, (Iron-Seax) is the mother of Magni. Another son who survives Ragnarok. One can see why it is Heimdall who slays Loki at the final battle which burns the world.

But quite as important is the idea that it is women who seek to destroy this masculine ideal coming for their father. Can we assume that this giant has managed to create his great castle using the wiles of women against men? We see plenty of people doing it today. It happens to be a pattern of success against men. Using their own insecurities against them. The disapproval of women has crippled an awful lot of men in this world. I’ve seen more than one unproven man be absolutely crippled by the flood of emotions which overwhelm him, both good and bad, as women seek to control them by the amount of joy they receive. Before they are even aware it is happening, they have been emasculated by a woman. Stranded in the middle of the river.

Thor secures about himself that he has the confidence and strength which reaches up to the heavens. A powerful reminder that men are far more than the simpletons so many men believe that they are. Our strength of being extends far beyond the realms we perceive and know. Do not believe for one second that this flood of emotion, negative thoughts and the energy of a one-dimensional relationship will give your life meaning. Secure for yourself a handhold on the rowan at the edge of the river and pull yourself to shore. The Rowan tree is also known as the Mountain Ash.

“Now when Thor came before Geirrödr, the companions were shown first into the goat-fold for their entertainment, and there was one chair there for a seat, and Thor sat there. Then he became aware that the chair moved under him up toward the roof: he thrust Grídr’s Rod up against the rafters and pushed back hard against the chair. Then there was a great crash, and screaming followed. Under the chair had been Geirrödr’s daughters, Gjálp and Greip; and he had broken both their backs. Then Geirrödr had Thor called into the hall to play games. There were great fires the whole length of the hall. When Thor came up over against Geirrödr, then Geirrödr took up a glowing bar of iron with the tongs and cast it at Thor. Thor caught it with his iron gloves and raised the bar in the air, but Geirrödr leapt behind an iron pillar to save himself. Thor lifted up the bar and threw it, and it passed through the pillar and through Geirrödr and through the wall, and so on out, even into the earth.

And there it is. Such an amazing piece of writing which resembles man today. In his favorite chair watching the game. But there are other, more sinister forces at work. As a man might think himself elevated by his knowledge of sports and useless trivia he finds himself above all the rest. Throw in a distraction of professional athletes disrespecting the anthem of the country in which they have enamored themselves of the success afforded by the sacrificed lives of better men and the throne is empowered with righteous indignation. Sitting in his chair, seeking to learn more, but never to step up and do it himself. A useless exercise in self-aggrandizement. The idea that women might be under the chair raising it, is the great hope of all these dad-bod men.

For a second time, Thor uses the staff which is a veritable greed for life to crush those who seek to elevate men on false promises. Far too many men fall into this trap as well. Believing the wiles of women that they are the greatest and avoiding even a cursory look at whether or not they might truly be worthy of such an elevated position. Never mind the fact that they are not able to defend it. This is a powerful reminder to push back against those false ideas of our ego. Do not build some false palisades of masculinity based on the opinion of women. Construct an unassailable fortress of masculinity which no one might assail. With the bar set high for any who may seek to enter.

This is what Geirrodr has failed to do. He has failed to set the bar high, trusting in the wiles of women to defend his home. His women folk will take care of it. Well, we see how that worked for him in the face of a true and powerful masculinity. Not at all. And when it came time to actually compete with such a force, being convinced of his own strength, he was crushed. The power of a masculine heart ripped his own out of him and down to earth it was sent. You cannot ascend to greater heights of development on the wiles of women and lesser men. You’ve got to know what you are. Not buying into the random thoughts you were taught to think, by calling a spade a spade when you see it, not subscribing to the idea that a woman is going to complete you. By realizing that the very idea of being a man carries with it a grand idea which incorporates the very energy of being into the fabric of this universe.

Once we are fully present and aware that the thoughts we think are not who we are. That the opinions of others do not change, for better or worse, anything about the energy which animates the mortal shell. Once we begin to develop, grow and release the idea that what we truly are is the awareness of the being thinking these thoughts, now we are connected with an esoteric idea that will have true and powerful repercussions in the right here and now. When an aware and spiritually conscious man says “yes” or “no” now it means something for everyone involved.

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