Ƒinding §elf, Ƒinding §eidr

Valarie Wright

People measure their self-knowledge by what the
average person in their social environment knows
of himself, but not by the real psychic facts which
are for the most part hidden from them. In this
respect the psyche behaves like the body, of
whose physiological and anatomical structure
the average person knows very little too.
-Carl Jung, ‘The Undiscovered Self’, chapter 10

Upon waking, Hoher Muot – Wyrd Consciousness even – is flooded by mental and physical attention, sensory attractions, ideas and thoughts, cares and confusions. When sleeping, the ever-fluctuating lower consciousness is also sleeping – unable to feel joy or endure struggle. While the high consciousness pulses gently – as a breeze or gentle wave – regardless of how we perceive ‘self’ upon awakening, it endures in purity.

One’s life is not their relationships or job, not one’s physical appearance or dwelling or vehicle, these things do not define you…

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