Preface to the new book

This one is going to take a lot of research and writing. But I think it is necessary. So much of what I and many others see of people passing off what they do as Asatru just really isn’t cutting it. So I’ve decided to take a look at where it comes from, what shaped it and how our ancestors made the areas around them a part of the sacred. But what happens when that area becomes hostile to life itself. We see what that condition has brought about in the desert. Monotheistic religions which are themselves hostile to life on this world. yet ours has not only stood the test of time but may have provided the transfer of information necessary to rebuild this world many, many times. More and more I see bits of information which refer to historical events contained in our mythology. It is there to help men develop into something capable of surviving and thriving in the environment they may find themselves in.

What are we all doing here if the stories we consider to be our lore do not contain a mystical element necessary to help us negotiate life? Furthermore, what if every bit of it is as true as all the rest of the religious literature we value?  More importantly; how much information is contained in the ancient monuments, literature, and concepts of these ancient tribes? This would be a shocking revelation. But also one of such importance that it may well provide us the instruction necessary to ensure the survival of not only the information but an elevated way of life. Spiritually and mentally.  It would place us squarely at the edge of not only the spiritual boundaries of society but the mental one as well. We would be well outside the established norms of what modern academia holds to be worth knowing.  And yet every day, I see or hear some new tidbit of information which lines up a profound and new manner of thinking.  But who could possibly put them all together without sounding like an episode of the latest alien conspiracy theory?

On another front, I have seen countless people proclaim that the lore is to heavily Christianized. But what if it appears that way because the lore is where they came up with the foundation for a religion used to conquer as much of the world as possible? How much resistance and denigration do you think an effort to outline a possible connection around all of it will receive. I don’t know, but we are going to find out with this book.

Up until now, my books have focused on the layers of wisdom contained in the lore. Each layer removed confronts us with a new depth to our spirituality. I have outlined them around our ability to use them to better our lives. It has helped many, many people around the world. Now I am going to show you a series of ideas which when taken altogether; provides us with fresh food for the discussions so often held around the table by Asatruars committed to living a good life.

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