Holiday hangover

Sitting here, drinking my coffee this morning and watching the news somewhat absentmindedly, I noticed that Americans will return 90 Billion dollars worth of gifts this year. A 90 Billion dollar solar facility would most likely solve the dependence on fossil fuels for our power generation. It could put us on the moon again, It could solve the fresh water problems, it could rebuild municipalities destroyed by years of poor governance. The UN would love to have that money as would our congress, but alas, it is all ours. And we will handle it no better than they will. It will be spent on “things” instead of being saved for our future. I changed the channel as I couldn’t stomach the news any longer. So many people, so confused by life and what they’ve been taught, killing each other in ever more creative ways and children caught in the middle. Crimes of passion, which are actually the fit of an immature child because they have been thwarted in getting what they want, killing someone else to release their rage at being denied their immediate gratification.

From what we enjoy for our comfort, to the person we have at our side, it is all based on what our ego wants.  That’s a powerful lesson to learn. Some men never do figure it out and spend an amazing amount of time hustling the next great and good looking conquest to show to the world how much of a man they are. Using the things they own or some high minded concepts to impress a woman who simply wants to know that there are plenty of things around to show how successful she is in picking a mate. Every single day, somebody fails in this process and they kill each other because they didn’t get what they want.

Again I changed the channel. There was a man, rafting the powerful whitewater courses other men were afraid to try. Perhaps they aren’t skillful enough or lack the training but their awe and admiration while watching this champion achieve greatness in his element was visible. I thought to myself that here was a man who had separated his idea of success from the soul paralyzing norm of the rest of society. This man might have found a type of freedom for himself. I paused for a second and considered how many people I know might be able to make such a transition without losing everything they own. But more importantly, how many men or women would even be willing to break free from these self-imposed constructs so many people feel are invaluable to existing in this world.

An interesting question isn’t it. Yet when we consider it, haven’t we (those of you who follow my work) made that decision on a spiritual level? Isn’t it time to fully embrace that idea and quit trying to walk with a foot in each world so to speak. These stresses and challenges we deal with on a daily basis are being created in our minds because of the confusion from the desire of this new way of life and the freedom it offers and the paradigms which have been beaten into us to live in a certain and acceptable way. One which has comfort as the mainline drug of choice.

What is freedom compared to the comfort of this modern age? Nothing more than a vague and nebulous idea. To grasp it we need to savagely shred those ideas which hold us in place and allow us to live vicariously in almost every great endeavor men might undertake through the television, social media and print. To live a life of financial success as I have done or live a life of high adventure and be dirt poor, again, as I have done, is the million dollar question. But as I raise my head from writing this to greet the returning sun at the dawn of this cold day, I sense a way for men to embrace both. The avalanche of technology will allow us to begin cutting those umbilical cords of comfort much to the chagrin of a society built on the predictability of sheep. Great herds of sheep in fancy clothes go to work and home with little or no purpose other than making sure they make enough money to give away. To give it away to the utilities, municipalities, and governments so that we might live comfortably. or to give it away as a gift so people will know we are making enough money to buy someone, something they will probably not really want and return it to satisfy their own wanting of things.

Asatru is here because this type of poison which is killing mankind is not what the Gods had in mind when they gifted us with good sense and purpose. Take a minute to consider what we have committed to destroying by embracing this mentality. It is no wonder men and women do the drugs they do, the full realization of all of this is terrifying and will require all the effort put forth by great champions to free ourselves from it.  Entertain yourself as you wish, with whatever toys you might feel do the trick, but at some point, every one of us is going to need to take that long drink from Mimir’s Well and figure out a course of action so that our descendants might remember our actions as worthy. Take that drink, and represent Lif and Lifthrasir (life and the love of life)  in the line of your people.

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