Too much info just floating around.

There are so many diverse bits of information concerning the evolution and movements of mankind around the globe that it becomes almost impossible to make one coherent theory out of it. When looking at the whole it, one question comes to mind. Why would I even want too?  The number of academics who have put their professional and accepted image of scholarly importance on the altar of science and summarily sacrificed it is a long one. Some of these ideas seem to be as clear as day, yet the egos of men who wish to dazzle their colleagues with professional white papers to prove how right they are is an ever-present obstacle to creating any kind of clear path to our distant past. Or the knowledge they possessed which allowed them to survive countless planet changing events.

That knowledge is at the crux of it all. What might one do if they figured out how to properly utilize the math, the astronomy, and whatever unknown great science which allowed ancient men to construct great monuments we cannot recreate today? More dangerous is what kind of mindset might the individual man assume once he realizes he needn’t be dependent on someone else for his freedom. Freedom at every level of his being. Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. So far, the best polytheistic men have been able to accomplish with the pursuit of that knowledge is a shallow, spirituality based reflection of the scientific one. So we have schools of thought and sects of faith and in that division, men are controlled.

Yet every day, some aspect of that ancient knowledge emerges as if the Gods themselves are leaving us a trail of breadcrumbs. A trail which not only brings the great lessons of the past into reach but also the knowledge of how to traverse the landscape of the future. A landscape which history suggests is full of landmines, booby traps and cataclysmic occurrences, any one of which might destroy mankind as effectively as the dinosaurs were.

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