Asatru is Goddess Worship

Let’s ruffle some feathers today. I’m going to throw some pearls out amongst the swine ( the readers of my books will understand this)  and see what we get.  When you get right down to it. Asatru is goddess worship. As I write this I can hear the flustered gasps of exasperation from the strong heathen man. To bad. It’s time to take this thing into a better place than it currently is.

If you look at every story in the lore you will see powerful Gods putting forth magnificent efforts to do something to protect or rescue the life-giving, loving and powerful forces we see in each of the divine feminine we know as the Asnyjur. We also see the uninspired human intellect putting them at risk again and again. It is no accident that the girlfriend of Loki is tied to his side in a servant position while he suffers for his transgressions against the gods and goddesses. You see the Gods have figured out something which man has not. They know that the protection and care of the women of their tribe is why they are there. In every story where the gods must rescue or protect a goddess from the basic and very brutish human-like qualities of the jotunns, we will see the threat of the tribe diminishing if they do not protect them from the simple-minded thoughts and actions of being who represents mankind.  We are being shown that even though these gods have amazing and powerful abilities to protect and build, it is the Asynjur who gives life, who extend life, who escort the dead to their resting places. When that process is interrupted you will lose your tribe and the strength of it will be sapped in short order.

Guess what happens when men begin to adopt a mindset similar to this powerful teaching. Those righteously indignant ideas of being folkish fall into place without the adamant insistence that it has to be done the way someone says it does. See you can sit around all day long and talk about being folkish and how right you are to no avail. I’ve seen men pine away about where are all the women who value a man with such a mindset. I’ve seen women take matters into their own hands and adopt this mindset to provide their own protection because some heathen men can’t seem to get past how right they think they are. You can talk about how powerful your tribe is because it is super folkish all day long and that is as far as you will ever get with regards to this way of life.

What you better figure out is that the first and foremost task of the gods and by extension the men who follow this path is the creation of an environment where a woman can be who she is supposed to be. And that does not mean minding you and supporting any kind of angry position. Now I could create a backdoor right here for men and say that this doesn’t work for women who are crazier than shit, but I’m not going too. If you can’t, as a man, stand up for yourself against a woman hell-bent on dominating you because you can’t provide for her, stop calling yourself a heathen man. At some point you’ve got to figure out to let them rant and get your butt busy reducing the stress in the household by creating some kind of wealth within it.

On the other side of the coin is an absolutely evil idea that would sacrifice the integrity of women by sharing the strength of our tribe with anyone who comes along. Cowards who cannot determine the value of the women in their life, nor stand up for them. they portray themselves as universalists but the failure to create that environment where a woman or a goddess might find themselves welcomed and safe is the antithesis of everything written in the lore. There are no high minded ideas contained within those walls. Just a smattering of articles to justify the inability of men to protect their heritage. It is no accident that we find a significant number of homosexual men within their ranks.

Now that I’ve offended everybody, I want to know which of you have the courage, the strength, the absolute power to build that environment for their spouse. I’d like to see which men have what it takes to stand and be something other than a person who determines his value by how many women he has slept with. Which heathen man has what it takes to go beyond just a vaguely esoteric meme and actually build something that engenders within the women we all seem to cherish a feeling that they are welcomed, loved and valued. It takes a far stronger man than most will admit. It takes confidence in oneself. And just like in the Rigsthula, it requires that we accept the divine into our relationship to produce the kind of children who value their heritage, who are good at what they do, who set the example of what it means to be a part of something special.

As the Charming of the Plow approaches and we prepare to celebrate the masculine impregnation of the earth via the penetration of the plow, we need to start getting some of these thoughts in order. As we carve out of the life-giving earth an environment which will support the tribe, a place where the earth is protected from the ravages of fire and wild beasts. We begin to consider that men as builders have that same great responsibility with regards to their wives. Once you figure that out, the idea of folkish and the worship of an indigenous faith becomes an understood given and not an exception to the rule to be defended from lesser men.


5 thoughts on “Asatru is Goddess Worship

  1. A wise and splended artical. Whole heartedly agree, For a man who is not able to stand up for his family, and his people, is no man at all, and cannot be counted on to stand up for a friend or his country.


  2. I actually read this to my fiancé and her eyes watered…she knows this is is what I’m all about.. just unable sometimes to articulate it. Thanks for being my interpreter!


  3. I’ve just found your blog! I’m so grateful
    that I did. Your insights hit the heart and mind in equal measure. I hope to read more as you feel inspiration to blog.
    At this time I am using my husbands email temporary as mine was compromised.


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