Hypeborea and Apollo

Every now and again you come across one of those interesting ideas which leaves you tilting your head like a dog hearing a weird noise and wondering if there is anything else to learn. This was my state of being upon learning that the newcomer gods of the Greek religion Apollo and Artemis are seriously connected with Hyperborea.

Hyperborean, in Greek religion, one of a mythical people intimately connected with the worship of Apollo at Delphi and of Artemis at Delos. The Hyperboreans were named with reference to Boreas, the north wind, and their home was placed in a paradisal region in the far north, “beyond the north wind.” They lived for 1,000 years; if any desired to shorten that period, he decked himself with garlands and threw himself from a rock into the sea. According to Herodotus, several Hyperborean maidens had been sent with offerings to Delos, but, the offerings having been delivered, the maidens died. Thereafter the Hyperboreans wrapped their offerings in wheat straw and requested their neighbors to hand them on, from nation to nation, until they finally reached Delos.”

That is from the Encyclopedia Britannica. But it is his arrow and his lyre specifically the tuning of it which represents something of an unexplored boundary of this resurgence of polytheistic faith.

According to wikipedia, he has many names amongst the Celts:

His very name is from an old Etruscan word. Apulu. As interesting as all that is. it is the presence of just one of his arrows on Earth which is at the foundation of math for the layout and design of many of the ancient monuments and stones circles, temples and megalithic sites around Europe. Yous see, there is an argument to be made that when this arrow was gifted to Pythagoras and he went on to spread that knowledge in the form of the Pythagorean theory. There is a lot to it. But is has its fingers in the tuning of the lyre, it can be drawn out and form the shape of the bow and the measurements, or unit of them are found to be in perfect alignment with the construction of the city of Bath and possibly even Washington DC.

What we have all got to begin to understand is that there is a transfer of knowledge from our ancestors and gods which resonates on a frequency far outside the recognizable tunes today’s world seem so insistent we dance too. The fact that much of this knowledge seems to have drifted down from Northen Europe to their current locations around the Meditteranean is not something most people will tell you. But check out the mathematical accuracy of Thornborough Henge built to mirror Orions Belt. Just like the Pyramids at Giza. We will get into the megalithic yard at a later date. But this is the kidn of stuff which fires the imagination. But is it inspiring an imagination within you that you might be on to something, might be worth more, might be capable fo great things or simply that you might be more roght than the next guy.

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