Let me change, a little, the foundation you think you have about Asatru.

There are so many diverse bits of information concerning the evolution and movements of mankind around the globe that it becomes almost impossible to make one coherent theory out of it. When looking at the whole it, one question comes to mind. Why would I even want too?  The number of academics who have put their professional and accepted image of scholarly importance on the altar of science and summarily sacrificed it is a long one. Some of these ideas seem to be as clear as day, yet the egos of men who wish to dazzle their colleagues with professional white papers to prove how right they are is an ever-present obstacle to creating any kind of clear path to our distant past. Or the knowledge they possessed which allowed them to survive countless planet changing events.

That knowledge is at the crux of it all. What might one do if they figured out how to properly utilize the math, the astronomy, and whatever unknown great science which allowed ancient men to construct great monuments we cannot recreate today? More dangerous is what kind of mindset might the individual man assume once he realizes he needn’t be dependent on someone else for his freedom. Freedom at every level of his being. Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. So far, the best polytheistic men have been able to accomplish with the pursuit of that knowledge is a shallow, spirituality based reflection of the scientific one. So we use schools of thought and the sects of faith as tools and in that division men are controlled.

Yet every day, some aspect of that ancient knowledge emerges as if the Gods themselves are leaving us a trail of breadcrumbs. A trail which not only brings the great lessons of the past into reach but also the knowledge of how to traverse the landscape of the future. A landscape which history suggests is full of landmines, booby traps and cataclysmic occurrences, any one of which might destroy mankind as effectively as the dinosaurs were.

Think about the cold mornings of winter. When the air temperature is hovering near zero and the wind is still. The stars before dawn seem to be clearer. As the sun begins to emerge on the eastern horizon, all of these things shift from the stillness of night, they begin to come alive, except on these very cold days. Even as the powerful energy of the sun bathes the landscape in gleaming light, refracted in a hundred different ways from the ice crystals, the world remains still. One has to wonder if the mind of man isn’t in the same state of being. On those cold mornings it takes awhile for our thoughts to move forward and in those moments the haze of automatic thinking isn’t as powerful as it is on mornings when the heat of day starts early. But I digress.

In the Voluspa we are told of how the world will end. I think it matches up neatly with the Younger Dryas Comet. Indeed, given the sheer number of these events, it is of no surprise that the Voluspa herself talks of worlds before and we begin to understand the importance of Gods who have the ability to shape the world around them, one of fire and ice, into something worth living in.

Let’s look at what the Voluspa says and the chaos of the Younger Dryas comet. It starts with what could be a reference to the enormous 1000’ tsunami which created the Oregon scablands and many other features created by flooding in the Western United States.

  1. Fast move the sons | of Mim, and fate
    Is heard in the note | of the Gjallarhorn

The sons of Mim are the sons of Mimir, the rivers and water features which cascade from the well beneath Yggdrasil. By itself, this happenstance correlation might be dismissed. But there is more.

  1. Surt fares from the south | with the scourge of branches,
    The sun of the battle-gods | shone from his sword;
    The crags are sundered, | the giant-women sink,
    The dead throng Hel-way, | and heaven is cloven

All over the US, there exists what is referred to as a black matte in the archeological record. All of it above what we know as the Clovis culture. I am sure there are many other cultures erased as well. This mat is the record of the ash from continent-wide wildfires which erupted from the impact of this comet on the Laurentide Ice Sheet.  The record of this impact is all over the Earth and proven by a number of scientific studies. But in this instance, all I can think of is a being fighting the raging forest fires with an elk handled implement to protect his home and all he loves. Frey fighting Surtur with an elk horn. So many great legends have been born this way.  In this destruction of fire and flood perhaps millions of an ancient civilization perished.

It is entirely possible that no record whatsoever might be recorded in an event of this magnitude. But the stories might travel among men at sea and distant lands rich in resources would be remembered. As the glaciers retreated, huge resources of copper would have been exposed in Northern Michigan. The key ingredient of bronze would become available in abundance. A trade route between This area in Canada with a stop in Cornwall for tin would be established. The name of the King in charge of it around 1500 BC is recorded on the Peterborough Petroglyph. These people would not typically go somewhere they didn’t know existed. Would you get on a boat to sail away to certain death? Hardly. What makes anyone think our ancestors would do so?

Yet there is more from the Voluspa and it is not so vague.

  1. The sun turns black, | earth sinks in the sea,
    The hot stars down | from heaven are whirled;
    Fierce grows the steam | and the life-feeding flame,
    Till fire leaps high | about heaven itself

Here we have the reference to the comet itself, as the hot stars are whirled down from heaven itself. Dust, ash, and smoke would turn the sky black and the water from the melting of the great ice sheets would raise the sea level 400’. As we have already stated, covering an area of land equal to Europe and China combined. 10 million square miles. The great fires are mentioned again. Interestingly enough, this is all occurring in an area where Kennewick man was killed 2000 years later.

By itself, all of this information has the potential to provide an archeological foundation for Asatru which goes well beyond the Viking age. But the important thing to remember is that occurrences of this magnitude have happened hundreds of times in the last 150,000 years. The entire epoch of man as we know him on Earth. The most important thing the Voluspa is telling us is that there have been civilizations before and Odin is reminding us that if we follow the example of the Aesir, we have what it takes to make it through another such event. It is a cycle and the sons of Gods who make it through to become rulers in their own right.

  1. Now do I see | the earth anew
    Rise all green | from the waves again;
    The cataracts fall, | and the eagle flies,
    And fish he catches | beneath the cliffs.
  2. The gods in Ithavoll | meet together,
    Of the terrible girdler | of earth they talk,

And the mighty past | they call to mind,
And the ancient runes | of the Ruler of Gods.

  1. In wondrous beauty | once again
    Shall the golden tables | stand mid the grass,
    Which the gods had owned | in the days of old,

  2. Then fields unsowed | bear ripened fruit,
    All ills grow better, | and Baldr comes back;
    Baldr and Hoth dwell | in Hropt’s battle-hall,
    And the mighty gods: | would you know yet more?
  3. Then Hönir wins | the prophetic wand,
    And the sons of the brothers | of Tveggi abide
    In Vindheim (Hall of Wind) now: | would you know yet more?
  4. More fair than the sun, | a hall I see,
    Roofed with gold, | on Gimle it stands;
    There shall the righteous | rulers dwell,
    And happiness ever | there shall they have.
  5. There comes on high, | all power to hold,
    A mighty lord, | all lands he rules.

That great ruler is Baldur. The one son who traveled the pathway of the dead, who shed his boyish ways and accepted the path of becoming a man.

So much is included in this idea of rebirth one can hardly wrap their minds around it.  Hropt and Baldur residing in peace in Odin’s battle hall (Valhalla) means it is a time of peace. One much like the time when Asgard was created. How many great empires have we studied to see this happen again and again? Rome, Greece, Ghengis Khan, Babylon, Goths, Hittites? Every single great empire we know of has risen and fell. For the most part, we are narcissistic enough to believe that it was the actions and attitudes of men who brought about these great failures. But more and more the evidence lends itself to these great catastrophes. Hagalaz is much more than just a hailstone from a thunderhead. It is the radical change of the very shape of the world.  From it empires are created and destroyed. Our lore is the reminder of that cycle, but it is also instruction so that the very important information of our being is not lost through these calamities. That this spark of the divine might move forward through time if we have the courage to develop them and protect them like the treasures they are.

So let’s get on with what that instruction might really be and build a foundation for a faith which moves men forward instead of holding them back.

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