Excerpt from the forthcoming “Emerging From Yggdrasil”

Sigurth was there continually with Regin, who said to Sigurth that Fafnir lay at Gnitaheith, and was in the shape of a dragon. He had a fear-helm, of which all living creatures were terrified. Regin made Sigurth the sword which was called Gram; it was so sharp that when he thrust it down into the Rhine, and let a strand of wool drift against it with the stream, it cleft the strand asunder as if it were water. With this sword Sigurth cleft asunder Regin’s anvil. (In some tales, this sword is made from the broken pieces of his fathers sword, given to him by Odin) After that Regin egged Sigurth on to slay Fafnir, but he said:

  1. “Loud will the sons | of Hunding laugh,
    Who low did Eylimi | lay in death,
    If the hero sooner | seeks the red
    Rings to find | than his father’s vengeance.”

It is here where we see Sigurth begin to break away from this nonsense of Regins quest for vengeance and tackle the business of his own ancestors. A unique parallel for those of us shedding the yoke of monotheism. We are beginning to handle our own business again. Minus the tinted glasses we were offered with which those around us insisted we view the world. Many of us are no longer interested in what everyone has told us is important. For some, it was viewed as a living death. For others, it has been a way to function in society as everyone expects. Still others consider it as shackles upon the person they are meant to be.

In every case, the disdain is an ever-intensifying sensation. It resides somewhere at the back of our minds. Though it is difficult to perceive the full magnitude of it. The incessant background noise of constant thoughts, worries, and musing upon the past or the future we have been told is “thinking” is like the background noise of the universe. This noise of our minds, usually put there by everyone around us, makes it very difficult for us to use our minds instead of leaving them on autopilot.

We know there is a path from this mindset, though most of us have a great deal of difficulty in the implementation of such a radical deviation from the current standard in our life and thoughts. This becomes readily apparent the moment we are confronted with a situation we know is part of a mold we are no longer cast from. Almost as if by magic, we find ourselves answering exactly as we have been taught. Fear prevents us from expressing our newfound ideas lest we be labeled as crazy or outcasts of society. Back to the drawing board. How can I stop being this way?  What, or where, is the intervention on my behalf? It is a feeling people both new and old to Asatru deal with on a daily basis.

Each day, we are peeling away another layer of the conditioning we no longer value. And each day we find some new part of the lore that confirms our suspicions. There is a better way. It is hard and may threaten some of the comforts you now enjoy. But I am here to tell you that this lore, which we should all be reading, is that first step in taking care of our own business to become what we are supposed to become. No one or no thing is going to do it for us. At some point, we have got to begin believing that those gifts offered to us long ago are worthwhile in this world.

For Sigurth, in his journey, Gods and Kings come to help him along his way. Just as they come to us from the past to the present via the written words which outline the wisdom of our people. The moment we begin to approach our lives with the proper focus upon ourselves and our development, we uncover the value of who we are. Sigurth has done it by remaining steadfast in his dedication to handling the business of his ancestors, Ottar did so by remaining faithful to Freya, Odin did it by sacrificing himself to himself. Odin picked up the Runes, Sigurth and Ottar both have an encounter with the divine. The benefit of the noble mindset over the shallow greed of our time sheds new light on an ancient path. It is the emergence of life and the love of life into our world. The parallels between what we are doing as we discover the depth of this faith we call Asatru and what we are dealing with as a people in today’s world are not accidental

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