Right Here and Now

Where are you? See, that’s the kind of question which will give you insight into every person you meet. How they answer it determines more about them than they might even begin to imagine. When someone asks it of you, the answer you give is based upon the criteria you were taught is the right way to determine where you are. In life, at work, with family, according to your finances, your birthday, so on and so forth. You will reply with an answer you know that your mother or father, or your spouse, will or has, deem as acceptable. Whether or not it has a thing to do with where you really are in life is irrelevant. Chances are it doesn’t even hint at what you truly are.

So, I’ll ask you again. Where are you? Let me be more specific. Where are you in life that you decided to pick up this book and try find some answers about where you are in life. What I’m getting at is that most people have something like a fuzzy image in their head about who and what they are, no idea about where they are and only the vaguest of a suggestion about where they want to end up. The majority of the thoughts they possess about themselves is gleaned from some narrative they pick which suits their ego the best. We are going to change that.

It starts with being present in this very moment. Far too many people are constantly preoccupied with an incessant train of automatic thinking that revolves around what has happened or what is going to happen. Neither of these modes of thought has anything to do with right now. While many people will automatically sneer as they raise an eyebrow asking “How should we make plans? Don’t you yourself advocate investing strategies which are largely focused on the future?”

Make plans all you want. This is crucial in life. But stop centering your thought process concerning the quality of your being on the successful fruition of those best laid plans. Quit forecasting the outcome with the qualifier being that you will be complete when such and such has taken place in your life. That is the thought process I am talking about when I say that you have been taught how to think.  You are as complete right now as you will ever be. The only thing stopping you is your own thoughts.

How many people do you think are walking along downtown streets somewhere in the world hating the fact that there are walking for one, hating the fact that they have another half-hour to hour of travel to get home and thinking the whole time how happy they will be when they get there. They will be safe. They can watch a little TV, eat dinner, play with the kids, enjoy time with the wife, have a drink. But not now, right now they are walking, after a long day, at a job they probably don’t like. In the middle of the country and other places it is the exact same thing except there is a car ride, bus ride or bicycle ride involved. And you want me to start thinking that right now, in this sorry situation I’m forced to do to survive on the planet I was born on, that I am complete and that everything is OK. Yes I do. With everything in me, I encourage you to start believing that very thing.

Because if you’ve paid even scant attention to what I just wrote, I drew out for everyone involved how their own thinking has been programmed to expect to be satisfied and complete at some point in the future. Even if it is just 30 minutes ahead of you, your thoughts are such that the present circumstances of your being are not what you signed up for when you popped into this world for whatever reason. So we dream about the future. We fret about the past and we miss the fact that if we so decided to keep on walking, go a different route, stop and look up for just a second, every single thing about that walk will change. There will be new information to process and it may even bring a smile to your face. You have just touched base with what it means to be right here and right now.

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